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Ultracruiser Attack!

I had just completed the second test flight of the ultracruiser, and it flew great with tons of extra power. However, I suspected the trim is way off, as it flies nose down, so I decided to adjust the horizontal stabilizer. After making some adjustments and checking everything over, I started the plane back up for another flight. When the engine started, the tail came loose, and the plane came after me! I managed to wrangle it and shut it down, but in the fiasco, I managed to cut my finger pretty bad. I had it sewn up at the local hospital (my first stitches)! Here is a link to Ultracruiser Attack with all the gruesome pictures. They put 18 stitches, 5 dissolvable ones inside the wound. 

Lesson 1: If there isn't a pilot at the controls while prop-starting an aircraft, be sure the tail is SECURELY tied down. 
Lesson 2: Don't leave any unfinished metal edges on any of your projects!