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Turn Signal Prank

It was summer of ‘09 and I was feeling a bit bored. A fun prank was in order, but what? I was living with a roommate who had a Honda Civic, which was parked in the driveway (I think he was out with a girlfriend). My roommate hated the sound of car horns, so I wanted to find a way to cause his Honda’s horn to go of at random. Rather than build the circuit to randomly trigger the horn, I decided that if I hooked it up to the left turn signal,  it would be good enough. The typical route we drove away from the house did not require the left turn signal until several blocks away, so the element of surprise would be there.
I had his spare key, so I popped the hood of his car and hooked up some fine gauge wire from his left turn signal through a relay to trigger the horn. The horn relay is usually marked on fuse box, so I just had to push the fine wire into the proper terminal. The total modification took less than an hour to figure out.
When he came home that evening, another friend and I asked him to drive us to the grocery store to pick up some beer. It was nearly impossible to prevent from giggling as we approached the left turn. He applied the left turn signal, and freaked out as he tried to figure out where the interrupted horn was coming from.... until we started laughing hysterically.
We left the system in the car for about a week, but it continued to surprise us every time the left blinker was turned on.
Good times...