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Totty's Pasture/Airfield

My family came to know the Totty family when the father was contracted to build the earth dam on our farm in Fairview. I was only seven years old then, but I remember how great a character he had. He happened to know the property well, because many decades before, he taught his sons how to fly airplanes from the same field that I fly the Airbike from. The Tottys have their own airfield a few miles away from the farm; it is about 1800ft long, shaped like a dogleg, and has power lines on the west end. Before flying the Airbike for the first time into my own runway on the farm (which had been significantly shortened to 600’ when my dad planted trees on the east end) I flew into Totty’s field. Besides the fact that his runway was so narrow, there was another unique problem: the man had his cows freely roaming on the property.
One morning I took off from Totty’s field in the Airbike for a leisurely flight around Fairview. I had about half tanks of fuel, so around 1h45m burn time. I flew for about an hour before returning. When I got back, about eight cows where scattered across the grass strip. They were positioned so that I did not think I could land before, between, or past them. Not sure what to do, I decided to do a low approach over them, hoping to  scare them away. Not a chance, in fact, they were quite interested in this little red thing flying over them. I made another attempt, realizing that my options were now officially limited. With only 45m of fuel on-board, and the nearest strip 45m away, I had to make some decisions fast.
My decision was to try and make the shortest-short field landing ever, with less than 250ft between the threshold of the runway, and the closest cow, I figured I would slow down enough before impact that I would just bump into one of them. On final, I slipped down as low as I could below the trees, flared, and touched down right on the threshold. As soon as I was sure I couldn’t go around, I cut the engine. The deep grass helped slow me down, since I hadn’t installed brakes yet, and I stopped just a few yards from one of Totty’s heifers. No damage to the plane or livestock, I call that a good day!