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These are some of the projects involving the Airbike.

I certified the aircraft as an Experimental-Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) on September 14, 2006 as N7506A.

Fuel Tanks
I installed symmetric wing tanks in the Airbike to provide a total of 10 Gallons of fuel (5 gallons each) for a total endurance of about 3.5 hours flight time. This results in a range of about 180 statue miles. The project involved removing the wings, cutting the fabric off the inboard wing bays, installing the polymer tanks (with capacitive fuel level senders), replacing the fabric and re-painting to match the original paint scheme.

Airbike Fuel Tank Installation

Instrument Panel
I built an aluminum instrument panel to hold the engine computer, gauges and flight instruments, and built a more ergonomic throttle lever.


Disc Brakes and Wheels
I replaced the original square-profile tires and drum brakes with ultra-light weight round profile tires, and disc brakes that I designed and machined from solid aluminum.