This is (obviously) my personal website, where I keep information that I like to share with others about my life. Most content consists of Picasa picture galleries, Youtube videos and text. It will constantly be under construction!

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2013-November: My company, Greenbotics has been acquired by Sunpower: Press Release
2012-September: After almost a year of delay, I finally finished up my seaplane rating. I am now certificated Single Engine Land & Sea!
2012-July: Check out the first in-flight pictures of the Ultracruiser: Album
2012-May: Check out the first in-flight video flying the Ultracruiser: Video
2012-May: More Greenbotics news! We won 60k USD from the FLOW business plan competition, and were featured in the Daily Bruin!
2012-April: Greenbotics has built a new and improved robotic cleaning system, and successfully demonstrated at the largest operating solar plant in the world! Greenbotics.com
2012-February: I am an uncle! My first niece, Inca was born.
2012-February: Greenbotics has just completed a video shoot of our first prototype in operation: Check it out at Greenbotics.com.
2012-January: Check out the completion of the WorldHaus Prototype Home! I have also moved out of foggy San Francisco to the much more pleasant Davis, CA!
2011-November: I have traveled to Chennai, India for one of my consulting clients, WorldHaus. For one month, we will be building a low cost 'kit' house prototype to sell to poor Indian families using some innovative technologies including compressed earth blocks, and insulated concrete panels.
2011-September: After a treacherous cross-country flight in the Ultracruiser, the RV and the Ultracruiser are united for the first time! Read the story about the Ultracruiser Cross Country flight.
2011-August: I just joined the board of a friend's start-up company: Greenbotics. I also decided to get my seaplane rating since I am so close to a seaplane base in SF.
2011-June: My Mom finishes up her year as the president of the Society of Nuclear Medicine. I am very proud of her!
2011-May: The Ultracruiser is now flying again! It sat in my garage in Los Angeles for over a year since the first flight, but now I moved it to an airport where it is flying again! 
2011-May: After spending seven years in Los Angeles, I have finally escaped! Only now I am living in San Francisco, which isn't much better....
2011-April: Check out my dad featured for his renewable home! Video, Article